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Visual culture, branding and communications design

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We have 10-year expertise in creating design and communications that change the visual culture and the world around, making it aesthetic and beautiful.

We have launched 100+ successful projects for such brands as RIGAMALL, MEDCI, Rostech, Traveler's Coffee, Neglinnaya Gallery, Russian Railways Corporate University, Federation Tower, Ingrad, Knauf Insulation, Shocoladnitsa, Siberian Collection.

Руководство компании


Nikita Gorbunov

Creative director

For me design is more than just a number of graphic elements. This is beauty within a system where each element has its own place and function. I am a proponent of accent minimalism. I do not try to say everything in one message and impress with the quantity of elements. I believe that the essence is one crystal clear thought, and I like to make a


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