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Букмейт — это приложение, в котором читают, слушают и обсуждают книги. А еще Букмейт — это сообщество с десятью миллионами читателей по всему миру. Можно добавлять своих друзей из социальных сетей и находить здесь новых: видеть в ленте, что сейчас читают, делиться книжными находками, сохранять цитаты и обмениваться впечатлениями.

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Web design & Digital


Interface Designer

Bookmate is looking for an Interface Designer with passion for reading and UX/UI design to develop our beautiful mobile applications.

About you:

You are passionate about simple design and well aware of technical feasibility. You are very good in converting concepts into functional and attractive interfaces. You have experience in UI/UX design, especially in mobile application design, and you can prove it with your portfolio.

What you’ll be doing:

You will work closely together with other designers and developers to improve our current Bookmate app and design new functionality. The main working design tool is Sketch. Bookmate is available on iOS, Android and WinPhone platforms.

About Bookmate:

Bookmate is a subscription based e-book service that makes reading accessible to anyone in the world with a mobile phone. We inspire millions of people around the globe to read more, discover new books and find new friends with common interests. Join us in our mission to bring books to the world!

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