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Droice Labs is a healthcare company that is represented in many countries around the world. We seek to influence health. We work with key industry players including hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, insurance companies, and more. Thanks to this partnership, we believe that we can bring the most modern technologies

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Web design & Digital

UI — UX Designer

An English speaking UI/UX designer with over 2 years of experience in user-interface or graphic design ready to take on the following responsibilities:
- Design the next-generation products powered by artificial intelligence that will change the way millions of patients, institutions, and physicians receive and administer care.
- Responsibilities include gathering requirements from stakeholders, coming up with product designs, UI/UX research, and prototyping of the designs.
- Be involved in the marketing and branding aspects of the company if needed.
Work at a comfortable office in Moscow with a focus on deliverables. You will be working closely with the founders, doctors, engineers and data scientists. We want individuals who are hungry for knowledge and passionate about their work.